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Blogging became an attractive way to share experiences with a larger audience. Making More Health decided to make use of this great opportunity and developed - a closer view into the world of our Executive in Residence participants worldwide.

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What is "Making More Health"?

Making More Health (MMH) is a long-term initiative, driven by Boehringer Ingelheim, to identify new and better ways of improving health globally. Since MMH started in 2010, a huge number of MMH initiatives have been launched by sourcing social innovation to provide more health in the future.

How it works? The company has embarked on a journey with our partner Ashoka, the largest network organization of social entrepreneurs worldwide, to explore the field-based activities of people around the world known as ‘social entrepreneurs’. These are individuals who implement new ideas to improve health in their communities putting their system changing ideas into practice on a global scale.

Under the umbrella of Making More Health we drive Youth Venture programs inside and outside the company. And we involve our Boehringer Ingelheim employees on a global level into Making More Health activities.

Making More Health is an initiative where business and social values can be combined to unleash innovation and achieve both: economic and social progress.

New Making More Health pilot project in India

Making More Health will focus also on co-creation based activities in the next years.

Partners will be foundations and local NGOs as well as our MMH fellows to achieve more health in several countries and regions.

The first pilot project has been started in South India/Tamil Nadu in collaboration with the Karl Kübel foundation. For several weeks, an employee of Boehringer Ingelheim will work for the MMH pilot project as an Executive in Residence program participant (EiR) on side.