Afrika Kommt! meets Making More Health

Afrika Kommt! meets Making More Health 

Successful entrepreneurs often learn as they go. They are committed to building their own future and those of others too in the process. So are the Afrika Kommt! fellows who aim to develop their personal and professionals skills and eventually become ambassadors building bridges between Germany and Africa through sustainable business cooperation. In building these mutually beneficial business cooperations, these young professionals bring with them their home countries’ knowledge of markets, trends, needs and challenges facing their communities in the quest to develop mutually beneficial partnerships to solve these challenges both innovatively and cost-effectively.

Elizabeth Mwangi, our Making More Health (MMH) Afrika Kommt! fellow is from Kenya. She recently joined the MMH team to develop her management and leadership skills while learning about social entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship concepts, which she believes, are invaluable in realizing a corporate environment that is continuously innovative in the face of rapid technological advancement.

“Having a fulfilling career to me means that I work with a purpose to make the world a better place. This means pursuing a career that offers me the opportunity to be creative and to be actively engaged in the development of solutions that address social challenges, more so, in the developing world,” says Elizabeth.        

Through the Afrika Kommt! fellowship programmean international programme run by GIZ GmbH and German industry, Elizabeth now has the opportunity to work at Boehringer Ingelheim and its innovative global health initiative - Making More Health.

“I was really drawn to Boehringer Ingelheim because of the company’s mandate to foster diversity of thought and inclusion promoting an environment where diverse thinking flourishes to unlock innovation and drive growth. Here, I am part of a very dynamic team that is hands-on in working with social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs from around the world in developing sustainable healthcare solutions for bottom of the pyramid populations,” says Elizabeth.

“The transformative aspect of the MMH initiative and the programmes implemented there under is massive, and provides a conducive ground for empowering individuals interested in solving social challenges through disruptive thinking to revolutional what is, to what we want for the future in line with the provisions of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” she added

The company’s agile approach to tackling health issues, which is at the core of all MMH programmes, is definitely something that was very attractive to her. Applying bottom-up approaches to healthcare challenges is paramount in responding to the diversity of the markets and customers that the company aims to reach and serve. Coming from an environmental planning and management background, she is keen on both environmental and social issues and the MMH initiative provides a breeding ground for creativity and innovative thinking in the healthcare space. Usually merging traditional business and social, MMH goes beyond conventional CSR activities to create a continuum of financially sustainable, bespoke projects that deliver social impacts and shared value for both communities and business.

She is very excited about the many international learnings that she will get from the MMH initiative and the deep dive into social entrepreneurship and intrapreneurial thinking and how this can be developed further, not only within but also without the confines of Boehringer Ingelheim to create and foster an international change-maker revolution in the healthcare space.