Let’s have a drink together – or are you hesitant?

In the picture above, you can see the spring water source that is being used by over 300 households in Webuye, Western Kenya. The people of the local community have been drawing stagnant water and used it as drinking water. The consequences were often water with a high bacteria level right from the water source, which leaded to diarrhea and other severe diseases such as typhoid and amoeba. Another big issue was the safety aspect.



After a child fell in and nearly died in that spring as he tried to get water for the aged grandmother who was sick and in the house, he was only rescued by passerby people.To tackle the issue the local Making More Health cpommunity converted the old water source into a safer location „We bought materials and talked to people and engaged them to enhance safe water and safety. Now the community can get safe and clean water, and security is now guaranteed,“ said Chris, our local social worker from GAASPP (Golden Age and Albinism Support and Protection Program) 



Besides, our water purification project for more than 1200 households (ca 6000 people) in Bungoma county/Webuye has been started to ensure a healthier drinking water quality to the people and to reduce the bacteria level. Very pragmatic and easy to realize approaches, awareness, and hygiene training are supplementing the infrastructural works. More information about it will follow soon.


Sure, it is a small thing, and not part of the primary health activities we run there under the umbrella of Making More Health, but it is essential for the people living around. Health also needs safe and healthy infrastructures “on the ground.”


Change for better starts where it creates a positive impact and where it is implemented together with the local people who make the change happen.