More Health for untargeted communities

The invitation to meet social entrepreneurs of the Making More Health (MMH) network as well as global leaders and colleagues who have also participated in MMH activities was a turning point in my tenure with the company. It enabled me to think differently about serving the needs of patients while putting a spotlight on social need.

Learning rehabilitation exercises.
Learning rehabilitation exercises

In my experience, our more than 90 MMH Fellows are true catalysts for change. Their different views  on health challenges, their broadened network of unusual partners and the way they act has the  potential to create a win for society, but also for social entrepreneurs, our employees and our company, all while expanding the company’s talent pool. MMH is a vehicle that can help detect existing internal talent hidden in plain sight. It fosters goal-setting and self-directed learning and reinforces the culture of integrity in our actions. Furthermore, it places a focus on knowing and doing the right things (and doing them well).

Raising health awareness.
Raising health awareness. 

When I heard about the social entrepreneur Noora Health, one of our MMH Fellows in India, I began to think about our own large Indian communities in the U.S. Through the MMH network, I have had the privilege of working with a cross-functional, multinational team representing North America, Canada and China on a digital diabetes pilot project. In collaboration with Advocate Lutheran General Hospital (Chicago, Illinois), this project addresses patients in the health-care ecosystem surrounding the South Asian Cardiovascular Center at Advocate — a population at a uniquely high risk for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

Relatives are caregivers. if they know more about health, then the patients will be benefit a lot.
Relatives are caregivers. if they know more
about health, then the patients
will be benefit a lot.

Through the MMH community, I have also helped develop content for a Community Health Worker program to support the unmet needs of a women’s self-help group in southern India. The program consists of twelve disease state modules including Q&As, disease state puzzles, role-play kits and  interactive games. “Together with external partners, we help the women meet their own needs and help them become health-advocate leaders in their community,” says Kendal.


“MMH enriches Boehringer Ingelheim employees worldwide. The impact of MMH to the company lies in the MMH network of previously disparate stakeholders, who can now critically evaluate novel ideas at a more granular level of detail.”

by Kendal Whitlock. Business innovation manager at Boehringer Ingelheim USA.