Our school – a hygiene hub in crisis times

In the last months under the umbrella of Making More Health we have finalized the first building block for a school in Bungoma county, Kenya. The school inauguration was planned for end of March. But now this has been postponed. At the MMH school 750 students and their families living  around benefit from the new infrastructure which includes also toilets and clean water pumps. While the school has been  still under construction, we started already to run  many health trainings for the students,  the teachers and families. Mainly on hygiene.

“At our school our children are benefitting already. They draw water at school for their homes. We have installed extra vessels so all people around are using these hygiene facilities now and ask for handwashing. People have a big smile on their face. They are happy to have access,” says Chris, our local partner. There are still a lot of villages in bad state as most of them are ignorant on handwashing and much more empowerment needs be done by our team. There is also a big need for more liquid soap.”

That’s why our community of people with albinism, which we have trained on hygine and soap making in the past months, together with our local  NGO partner in Webuye has a lot to do – especially in these times:  They are advocating for handwashing to stop the spread of COVID-19 which is at a high risk of spread among children and older people. They  have visited several households explaining to them the importance of hand washing to protect the health.

“One of them has a child with albinism and has put a hand washing station in her compound. When visitors come, they already know to wash their hands before interacting with the family. She offers hand washing soap.”, explains our local partner.